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Why New Mattresses at Times Look Worn Out Before You Use It?

No one wants to waste his money on a worn-out mattress, but sometimes it can happen. Do read more if you are worried about buying the worst mattress of your life. For the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has made us purchase mattresses and even every other thing online. 

This online shopping trend can lead to scams and frauds. As far as the mattresses are concerned, there is a fair chance that incompetent sellers will try to sell off the “bed in a box.” These bed in a box are not a reliable option.

This article will help you buy the best and most suitable mattress, which is only possible after knowing the darker side of the mattress market.

Reasons for a newly bought worn off mattress

The following reasons can make your new mattress look worn off.

1.      It was damaged when it reached your place.

Delivering a mattress is a challenging thing for companies. It is a massive article, so its packaging requires vacuum packing technology. As a result of vacuum packing technology, all the air between the mattress’s tiny spaces gets vacuumed. Resultantly making the mattress a swiss roll.

The chances are that good quality; reliable mattress will not be destroyed after vacuum packing. But along with it, there is another risky thing in packing, and that is folding the mattress.

To save their expenditure, sellers try to fix the mattress in a smaller box. For this, they would fold the mattress. It will create a crease in the middle of the mattress.

2.      Storage issues

Mattresses are stored and produced in bulks. Each mattress is placed over another; these stacked up mattresses are likely to get creases. Moreover, if you are buying an imported mattress, it is fairly possible that it would have cracks and creases. The months-old produced and shipped mattress would be kept under the pressure of other articles and mattresses. 

A branded imported mattress can come with several issues that are quite natural and unavoidable. That is why, sometimes, it is wise to buy the best off-brand memory foam mattress.

How to know if the mattress would be damaged?

Now, once you know the causes of such damage, it is time to avoid such losses. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you.

·        Read reviews

To avoid this inevitable waste of money, you need to be an extra smart e-buyer. You should check all the one-star reviews. While reading, these reviews also look for sentences like broken in between, etc. This way, you can get an idea of the company’s packaging policy.

·        Check for replacement

The replacement and refund policy can help save your money. In case reading the one-star reviews did not satisfy you. Try checking the replacement and refund policies. Some reliable companies would refund you or replace the broken mattress.


It can be heartbreaking for a buyer to receive a worn off mattress. To buy the best reliable and a fit to use mattress, you need to be active on social media, the internet, and e-stores. There you can gather enough data and evidence to support your choice.