Remember that post I did about the typographer Porchez? Now it’s Collin Brignall’s turn. I have been having fun learning the story behind different types of fonts and how they came to be. It also helps us designers decide when picking out fonts for projects. Today, I am going to talk about Collin Brignall. He has designed a laundry list of fonts, but I am going to focus on Harlow that brings back the charm of the 30s and 40s.


This font with a drop shadow recalls letterforms popular in the 1930′s and 40′s. Brignall designed it so that the lowercase letters would touch or slightly overlap. With Harlow and its organic forms, Brignall broke the current pattern of fonts that followed a geometric aesthetic.


Brignall started out as a fashion photographer, but became involved with type design when he started working for Letraset, a center for type design. He then became the type and art director of Letraset where he has designed fonts since 1964. Brignall has received many international awards for his type design. Check out other fonts he created here.


design by Pati Mo

Credits: cover / woman / car

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