The weekend is great, but sunday nights always end with that bitterness of a monday morning. I’ve always wondered if life would just be happier if days started on tuesdays, but maybe that would just transfer the bad guy guilt to another day. The point is that we can’t escape the beginning of a work week, it will be there every time you grope in the dark for the snooze button of your alarm clock.


For some reason, the closet looks a lot more complicated on monday mornings so I thought about putting together a basic 1-2-3 approach to beating mean mondays. I chose to post this on Friday so that hopefully this cheers you up this upcoming monday.


I picked black because it’s simple and clean and pretty much never wrong. You can wear basic black or not-so-basic.


As you saw on my previous post, I’ve been on a red lipstick mood lately. Honestly, any color of lipstick would work because black is nonchalant like that.



I think I am ready to get through next monday and the following week now, what are your secrets to beat start-of-the-week yawns? – Pati


photos by pretty talk

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  1. Posted 09.13.2013 at 6:44 pm | Permalink

    You are so gorgeous, Pati! You need to do a tutorial on your fabulous eye liner. Happy Friday!

  2. Posted 09.14.2013 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    gorgeous! love the entire look.

  3. Posted 09.17.2013 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    You look awesome! I start every day in jeans and boots and however many layers the weather demands … I’ve always gotta walk the whippets!

  4. Posted 09.18.2013 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    You look gorgeous! I love your dress. It’s definitely right up my wardrobe aesthetic.

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