This is my first post from Sao Paulo, Brazil! I finally arrived this week and after a stressful flight, I couldn’t wait to put my bags down and rest a little. Yesterday I went for a walk on Paulista Avenue, which pretty much is the Brazilian version of Wall Street or the Midtown area. I am not sure why but all of the public phones in the avenue are decorated and styled in a different way and the first thing I thought to myself was “This would be a great blog post!”


I had forgotten how artsy the city can be! It’s been a long time since I’ve lived here (about 8 years) and I would say that even though I am a cheesehead, Sao Paulo doesn’t feel all that foreign to me. I picked a mix of patterns to wear yesterday because it seems so friendly to me. If you see a stranger wearing a top full of hearts in it…what would be your first impression? Also, if you ever get lost in a crowd, your friends can easily find you if you wear neon flats ; )

I think you can get an idea of Brazilian creativity by checking out these public phones, who would think of making art of public phones? I actually walked the entire avenue with my dad while taking photos of almost all of them. In Sao Paulo, there’s been a movement to make the city a bit more colorful – an idea that I fully support.

Even on the inside, the public phones were painted – this one below was by far my favorite – it makes talking on the public phone so trendy! - Pati

photos by Pretty Talk


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  1. Posted 09.23.2012 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    Wow those public phone ARE cool! I can’t believe they still have so many. You hardly see any in New York anymore.

    So exciting you moved to a new city. I am going to live vicariously through you, I love when people start out on new adventures.

    Ali of aliandang

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