I was talking to my boyfriend the other day about something that hits everyone in their 20s or maybe even in their 30s which is the question of ‘What should I be?’ When I was little, there were those endless possibilities that would change every time you watched a movie or cartoon. “I want to be an actor! I want to go to the olympics!” And the exclamation points keep going without you seriously thinking that one day, this will ACTUALLY be a choice you’ll have to make in order to make a living. We also don’t think about the fact that we will spend A LOT of time doing what we chose earlier.


I have very high-standards that I set up for myself, and I think we all sort of do. It’s funny that we are usually so nice and understanding to others, but when it comes to ourselves, we are like mini Napoleons on battle day. So today I am writing this post to my other self, the one that is bitchy and demanding and wants me to be and do everything well. This is a note for her. The first thing I realized is that you have to accept that you can’t be great at everything. Nobody is. Not even Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce or Obama or anyone you admire a lot. There is a reason why we are all interconnected in a deep web of services and interactions. It’s because we need each other to do stuff. So stop beating yourself up for not being good like someone else you admire.


You should never feel sad for not being good, you should understand that the world needs you too, just the way you are. I realized this the other day when I was listening to a Lana Del Rey song, I thought ‘Why anyone (myself included) listen to a song that makes them feel sad and nostalgic?’ Well, that’s because they enjoy it and they need it just the same as they need upbeat, happy songs. It turns out that I’m pretty much over at the expectations set for me, for my age, gender.┬áIt’s one of those things: you have to accept what you are not in order to move forward, and develop what you are good at.


Any thoughts? - Pati

Lettering from Daily Dishonesty (Check it out if you love lettering!)

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    Absolutely perfect and utterly true. Love this post Pati.

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