This is the trip that inspired me to make a blog about traveling with good design at its very core. I always took pictures when I traveled but not with the intention of sharing them, until I went to Austin last year. I traveled to Austin with my family and it was one those trips that I sort of forced them to include me in because I had never been to Texas.


It turns out that Austin has a lovely food cart culture. So strong that you probably would never go hungry if the stores or restaurants were closed. It’s not only about the food either, it’s about being together outside, playing music, partying, chatting.


My favorite spot on the trip? That would be South Congress Ave. – especially on a Saturday or Sunday. Every two blocks that I walked, I would find a flea market, local artists selling their products and, of course, many food carts selling all kinds of Southern food – from Mexican homemade tacos to fried chicken – lined up on the street. Sadly, I ate at almost every single one. Hey, it’s called foodourism!



There was so much more being offered than just Mexican tacos, fried chicken and bucket-sized sodas; after walking around all afternoon I went to an italian cafe and got myself some polenta cookies. Have you ever heard of that? I know I hadn’t.  Also, if you’re not used to warm weather, definitely go to Austin in the fall or winter. I went in May and refused to go out without sunscreen because by 10 o’clock in the morning, it feels like you’re walking on a stove. Ok…maybe i’m exaggerating but, yes, bring sunscreen.



Honestly, I wasn’t in Austin long enough to start noticing things that I disliked. I do know what I liked though – check it out below.


all photos by pretty talk



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  1. Posted 03.01.2013 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    Austin is one of my favorite places. It’s so different from anywhere I have ever been, and the food is just fabulous.

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Posted 04.08.2013 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    Love this post on Austin. I swear I’ve been to the “you know you want it” food van. Such a great city and wonderful post.


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