I don’t know if you have noticed yet, but I love to eat, to cook, etc. I am unfortunately (kinda) one of those people who before they take a bite of anything, pull out a camera and snap a photo of it. And I am not very sure why I do it? I do enjoy keeping a memory of the meal and sharing it later with other foodies, but it’s not just the food. The company, the time of the day, the occasion – all of those things make sharing food with other people one of my favorite activities. My last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, I had the chance to check out the Food for Thought Festival  happening by the capitol.

The festival explored this whole idea that what you eat can have a huge influence on the environment and your overall health. And lots of learning was accompanied by lots of eating with cooking demos, free tastings, and many food carts offering local food from Madison. I went to a workshop where the chef (below) taught us how to prepare chicken for dinner.

Fresh bread is definitely something I want to try making because it so much cheaper not to mention healthier if you make it yourself! If you know how to make bread or have a good recipe to share, please let me know! Madison Sourdough  bakes bread with their beautiful logo on it. PS: I am all about edible typography.

Have you ever tried fried cheese curds? It’s a staple food in Wisconsin. I once thought they had it all over the U.S. until I tried to order it in Texas when they squinted their eyes at me and said  ”You are talking about fried cheese? I don’t think so.”

Are you a foodie like me too? Well, check out other food posts here and here.

photos by Pretty Talk


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    Those cupcakes look so yummy! I love what this event is promoting I definitely agree with it and I’ve been trying to do better about buying local and learning to cook more so I limit the amount of times I go out for food, which also saves money, right? :)

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